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The Musical Side of Things:

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My Story...


I began singing at the age of 3.  My dad is a very talented singer but did not realize my talent, my mother did!! I can still remember to this day; I was leaning on the foot stool and we were all watching 'Family Ties' and the 'Hooks' commerical came on.  The exact words to the song were "We like to see you smile..." and I sang right along with it.  My mom looked at my dad and said "She didn't miss a note!"  I know this sounds like a very small thing...but that's when it all began!!  And yes, we do remember the craziest things!  After this, the next thing I know I was barely three, standing in front of my church congregation wearing my lacey blue dress singing "My Father's Angels all Protect Me," holding a microphone that was bigger than both of my hands put together.  I fell in love with music and 20 years later have not yet fallen out.  I have sang at a Fever game, won Wabash Valley American Idol in Terre Haute, IN, have sang the National Anthem accapella more than 50 times at my current college, my high school and my junior college in Danville, IL, and will be at an upcoming Pacers game in the near future, along with many weddings, contests, fairs and would sing anywhere you asked me. At the age of 16, my parents took me to a recording studio to record a demo tape. The owner of the studio wanted to carry out my talent and hooked me up with a manager/ promoter from Canada.  I received about 30 original songs from songwriters in California at the age of 17 and recorded another cd with a little more variety...and attitude. We took that cd to NY where I interviewed with 7 record labels including Arista, Sony, Epic, Elektra, Jive, Cherry Lane and Capitol.  I can honestly say I have never felt like such a small person in my life…but the experience was AWESOME!  To this day, I believe I was too young and inexperienced to achieve what I went there for.  However, at this point I have gained the knowledge and confidence of what it takes to be a performer, having performed in front of as many as 60,000 people at the University of Illinois.  I am basically just looking for a way for someone to hear my voice and to see the way I feel and sing my music.  I know there are many people out there who have "dreams" of becoming famous, but I just have the dream of singing.